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Motherhood Calling...

This is my personal blog - journey of being mother.

When I realized I would become a mother at the end of December 2022, it was the happiest moment of my life and I also realized that my emotions had begun to overflow. I am an introvert by nature, but since discovering I was pregnant, I have felt to be more expressive and active to share my ideas with this beautiful world.

By profession I am Graphic Designer and by education I am B.F.A. graduate and by passion I am sketch artist, I love to draw, but since last one year, because of hectic work and life schedule, I haven’t drew anything, but after few days of conceive, whenever I got time, I feel the urge to sketch, then the result was amazing, I felt more content while sketching and I also felt that my baby also loves sketching as it brings me peace of mind whenever I do.

Here are few sketches I did in my pregnancy.

Baby Drawing by Graphic Artist Gauri